Konig Hard Wax Wood / UPVC Scratch Filler Repair Stick in CHARTWELL GREEN

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Hard wax:

Hard wax, as the name suggests is a hard and durable wax filler. It is designed for repairs to areas subject to more severe use, such as repairing edge damage and flooring. It is also suited to filling larger holes and repairing more significant surface damage.  It is normally applied and blended with a gas or electric heat iron.





Guidance notes are also included with every order.  We are also happy to try and answer any questions.

Colours can be blended to achieve a closer match.

The price shown is for one 8cm stick.

Can be used on natural timber or artificial surfaces.

Sent in a padded envelope.

please note that we try our best with our photos, but the on-screen colour is not necessarily a precise representation of actual wax colours. This is mainly due to photo light and/or monitor calibration.

If in doubt, please contact us, thanks.