Complete Window Repair Kit

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With technicians and service engineers in mind, we have the Complete Window Repair Kit. Presented in a box, containing a large range of products, including a KO144910, assorted wood colour wax set, to enable perfect repairs to Rosewood, Irish Oak, Golden Oak and White profiles. Everything you need to complete minor to major superficial repairs and renovation with a professional finish.

Contents Include

 KO439                 Gas Heating Iron
 KO161500           Special Applicator
 KO406                 Special Scraper
 KO420                 Felt Pad with Abrasive Lining
 KO422                 Cotton Cloth (10)
 KO710                 Cellulose Thinner
 KO407                 Brass Brush
 KO429                 No. 2 Pencil Brush
 KO2401550/01   30ml Coulour Touch up Rosewood
 KO2401185/93   30ml Colour Touch-Up Cherry/Golden Oak
 KO240143          30ml Colour Touch-Up Dark Oak
 KO240141          30ml Colour Touch-Up Light Oak
 KO2409005        30ml Colour Touch-Up Jet Black
 KO655250          250ml Polishing Paste
 KO396                PF Covering Lacquer - white
 KO514                200ml Maintenance Lacquer - clear
 KO51501            Maintenance Sponge
 KO144910          Mixed Box Special Waxes
 KO6092              Mixing Palette
 KO641                Mixing Cups x2
 KO609P120        Wet & Dry Abrasive 1200 grit x 1 sheet
As standard, we include a popular white profile with the kit. If you would prefer a specific white profile, please choose from the list below and add a note to your order. We will do our best to provide it.
• Anglian 446/98
• Deceuninck 081/99(Blue White)
• Deceuninck 147/06 (Standard White)
• Diplomat 446/98
• Duraflex Warm White 147/06
• Swish 1688/13
• Eurocell Cream 1540/14
• Eurocell White 147/06
• Everest 147/06
• Kommerling 469/98
• LB Plastics 1686/13
• Liniar 147/06
• Plastmo 446/98
• Profile 22 1688/13
• Rehau 469/98
• Selecta 1688/13
• Spectus 1688/13
• Spectus Cream 248/08
• Swift 446/98
• Synseal (Synergy) Standard White 1686/13
• Duraflex Standard White 447/98
• Veka 294/07
• Veka Cream 737/13
• WHS Halo 446/98