Furniture / Laminate / Worktop / Kitchen Cabinet Repair Soft Wax Filler Kit Black, White and Greys inc.

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This kit by prepared by Furniture Restore  is suitable to maintain all types of laminate / artificial and natural wood furniture. Each pack comes with four shades of soft wax which can be rubbed into damage such as chips, scratches and dents. Colours can be mixed to obtain a closer match. There is a demonstration video below.

Ideal for repairing items such as furniture or kitchen cabinets and smaller repairs to less vigorously used areas of laminate worktops. For more severe damage to worktops or heavily used areas, we recommend our Hard Wax Worktop Repair Kit, listed in our store. 

Tip: if you want to protect the repaired area from dust and dirt, seal with clear lacquer / a clear lacquer pen.

Areas of application: 


Types of damage:

  • Scratches
  • Small holes
  • Drill holes

Surface and/or Materials:

    • Natural wood
    • Laminate / Artificial Wood
    • Veneers

    Examples of surfaces:

    • Furniture
    • Doors
    • Kitchen cabinet and fronts
    • Kitchen Worktops (see description above)
    Product benefits: 
    • Suitable for many repairs.
    • All colours can be mixed.
    Set Contents: 
    • 4 x Soft Wax Filler, circa 4cm
    • 1 x Applicator
    • 1 x Instruction sheet


    Colour assortment:
    RAL 9010 Pure White, RAL 7040 Window Grey, RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey and RAL 9005 Jet Black
    Please note that we try our best with our photos, but the on-screen colour is not necessarily a precise representation of actual wax colours. This is mainly due to photo light and/or monitor calibration.


    If in doubt, please contact us, thanks.