Konig Furniture Repair Wax Filler Sticks 40 x Wood Colours #130 Soft or Hard Wax

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 40 x 4cm Wax Sticks

Softwax or Hardwax - Just choose from the drop-down box

Set no 130 Wood Colours


9010 pure white, 178 Natural Maple, 201 Birch, 206 Medium Pine, 207 Natural Pine Sap, 156 Light Beech, 208 Natural Pine Heart, 179 Medium Maple Red, 140 Natural Oak, 126 Limba, 141 Light Oak, 303 Rustic Oak, 138 Teak, 302 Brown Oak, 109 Light Walnut, 142 Medium Oak, 143 Dark Oak, 160 Medium Alder, 158 Dark Beech, 159 Larch, 161 Medium Alder Decor, 162 Dark Alder Honey, 103 Cherrywood, 119 Medium Pearwood, 120 Dark Pearwood, 121 Light Macore, 165 Light Rosewood, 104 Red Cherry wood, 113 Light Mahogany, 144 Brown, 122 Dark Macore, 110 Medium Walnut, 139 Dark Rosewood, 111 Dark Walnut, 112 Walnut Brown, 163 Brown Mahogany, 114 Dark Mahogany, 157 Mud Oak, 9005 Jet Black, 901 Transparent Yellow.


A soft wax filler is ideal for pin holes, small scratches, chips, dents and the flat parts of damaged edges. It can be used on natural wood and artificial surfaces.  No specific heat source is needed for soft wax. Working between finger and thumb is normally sufficient to make the wax pliable and to blend colours.




Hard wax, as the name suggests is a hard and durable wax filler. It is designed for repairs to areas subject to more severe use, such as repairing edge damage and flooring. It is also suited to filling larger holes and repairing more significant surface damage.  It is normally applied and blended with a gas or electric heat iron.


Guidance notes are included with every order.  We are also happy to try and answer any questions.

Colours can be blended to achieve a closer match.

Just choose the type of wax and colour from the drop-down box.

Can be used on natural timber or artificial surfaces.

Sent boxed in a padded envelope.

A very general guide on how to use softwax sticks.
  • Remove loose material from the damaged area. Score the surface area to improve adhesion of the filler.
  • Use a spatula or similar tool to fill the damaged area with the soft wax until it is flat, applying gentle pressure. The repaired area can be matched to the colour of the background by applying different shades one on top of the other.
  • If required the level of sheen can be matched by spraying on several thin layers of varnish.
  • The stick can also be rubbed into thin scratches like a crayon.
Please note that we try our best with our photos, but the on-screen colour is not necessarily a precise representation of actual wax colours. This is mainly due to photo light and/or monitor calibration.

If in doubt, please contact us, thanks.